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Vermicompost Plus

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GreenfieldEco Vermicompost Plus fortified with Neem Oil Cake, gives much better results than the normal vermicompost. It is the best 100 % organic fertilizer suitable for all type of plants – vegetables, fruits, flowers, lawns, gardens, potted ... Read More

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Vermicompost Plus - 1 KG

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Vermicompost Plus - 2 KG

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Vermicompost Plus - 10 KG

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Vermicompost Plus - 5 KG

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Description :

Vermicomposting is a process through which organic waste such as livestock dung, kitchen and garden refuse, farm residues, forest litters, etc. is recycled with the help of earthworms into useful manure. 
This pure quality Vermicompost Plus:
·       Conforms to FCO and ISI Standards of Govt. of India.
·       Is 100 % bio-organic, eco-friendly and enriched with beneficial microbes for organic food production.
·       Increases water holding capacity of soil, improves soil structure and fertility, and reduces nitrogen volatilization losses from the soil.
·       Improves plant immunity and controls soil-borne pests, nematodes, parasitic fungi, termites, pathogens, etc.
·       Improves the quality and general appearance of vegetables, fruits and flowers; boosts productivity by 15-25 %.

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