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Growing Media

Coir Pith (Coco Peat)

Renewable organic material; provides aeration, high water holding capacity, good drainage, potassium and increased nitrogen supplementation; light weight; lasts longer. Ideal for organic and soil-less cultivation. The natural pH of 5.7 to 6.5, high CEC and 27% available water assures release of nutrients in solution over extend period of time.

CoirLite (Coco Peat + Perlite)

Retains water, air and nutrients for superior plant growth; 100 % germination of seeds, root cuttings and flower bulbs; porus, light in weight, freely flowing and easy to handle; resuable and will not rot, recommended for seedling nurseries, greenhouses, tissue culture, hydroponics, container growing, etc.

Soil Less Growing Media

100 % organic, light and sterile; provides high porosity, aeration, water holding capacity and fertilizing properties; promotes better root and shoot growth, quality of produce and productivity; excellent for seed germination and root cuttings, micro-green growing, windowsill cultivation, green roofs, terrace gardens, etc.

Soil Less Growing Media Plus

Cleaner, light, sterile, non-toxic judicious mix of organic and natural ingredients; performs dual function of both growing media and bio-pesticides; excellent for Germinating Seeds, Root Cuttings, Flower Bulbs; Micro-green Growing; Terrace Gardens; Green Roofs; Planting Trays; Potted Plants, etc.

Veggie Mix

Complete 100% bio-organic plant food for nursery beds, home and kitchen gardens, roof/terrace gardens, vegetables (especially chillies, capsicum, cucumber, tomato, etc.) and herbs; boost quality and production by 40-50 %. Light, easy to use, eco friendly, free from weed seeds and pathogens, enriched with microbes in a tried and tested proportion.

Growing Media Plus

Superior quality bio-organic, eco-friendly plant food developed for Nursery and Greenhouses, Home/Kitchen Gardens, Ornamental Plants, Plantation, Floriculture, Potted Plants, etc. Have better water holding capacity, aeration and water use efficiency; strengthens plant immunity and controls diseases, pests, fungus and termites.

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