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Coir Pith or Coco Peat is a pure and natural, eco-friendly, bio-degradable, 100 % organic and renewable multi-purpose growing medium made out of coconut husk. Processed Coco Peat is free from contaminants such as weed seeds, pests and insects, pathogens and resistant to bacterial and fungal growth and root rot, and therefore ideal for garden crops. It is recommended for seed starting, bedding plants, container growing, seedling nurseries, green roofs/terrace gardens, tissue culture, hydroponics,  floriculture (especially roses and seasonal flowers), home and interior gardens, ornamental plants, horticulture, greenhouses, vegetables (especially tomatoes), mushroom cultivation, potting mixes, soil-less growing mixes, etc.


This fibrous, spongy and light weight growing media is:

  • An ideal soil re-conditioner, soil structure improver and soil substrate with excellent water holding capacity; provides a buffer in high temperatures and high crop demand.
  • Keeps the soil loose and more aerated, thereby helping soil to retain moisture for longer time and enabling vigorous root and plant growth.
  • Porous and cannot be overwatered easily so it provides good drainage, required potassium and increased nitrogen supplementation to plants.
  • Has high cellulose and lignin content; ideal for growing mushroom which thrive on the cellulose.
  • Has low pH (5.7 – 6.5) and low EC (< 1 mS/cm) therefore ideal for most crops.
  • A good alternative for peat moss, rock-wool and perlite media.
  • Moisture retention qualities make it ideal for growing anthuriums and orchids.

Application of Coco Peat is recommended in:

  • Hydroponics,
  • Golf course greens,
  • Potting mixes,
  • Soil-less growing media,
  • Cut flowers,
  • Propagating,
  • Re-planting,
  • Mushroom cultivation,
  • Bonsai mixes,
  • Turf farming,
  • Garden beds,
  • Bedding medium for earth worms,
  • Vegetable gardens,
  • Rose cultivation and
  • General garden uses.
  1. As a Potting Mix

Coco Peat blocks can be used as potting medium. It can be mixed with required fertilizers and nutrients according to the type of plants to be grown.

  1. For Mushroom Cultivation

Coco Peat blocks are being used by mushroom growers around the world for the large scale production of edible mushrooms.

  1. As a Soil Supplement

Re-hydrated Coco Peat blocks mixed with soil improves water holding capacity and aeration.

  1. For Germinating Seeds

Coco Peat in starter containers speeds up germination and profuse rooting of the seedlings.

  1. For Tissue Cultured Plants

Wet Coco Peat blocks in poly bags encourage initial growth phase of tissue cultured plants and grafted seedlings.


Role in Garden Soil:


1. Increased Air Porosity  

Coco Peat being fibrous in nature holds many air pockets which help the crops to root easily and profusely. This increases the surface area of root system thereby facilitating better absorption of nutrients from the soil.


2. Good Water Retention                                                                                                      

Coco Peat absorbs water rapidly and holds it for longer periods of time; preventing desiccation of plants during hotter climates especially in tropical regions.


3. Eco-friendly Component of Soil                                                                                       

Coco Peat amended soil combats bacterial and fungal infections. Coco Peat has a plant origin and therefore 100 % bio degradable. Periodical release of nutrients from Coco Peat helps to keep the soil rich for all seasons.


4. Reduces Irrigation Frequency        
Irrigation of Coco Peat-grown plants may be done at longer intervals as the moisture holding capability of Coco Peat is high. Coco Peat can be re-used up to 5 years.


Physical Properties

  • Good water retention
  • Increased aeration
  • Quick wetability
  • A good potting medium and substratum for plants.

Chemical Properties

  • 100% Organic
  • Holds water 8-10 times of it’s weight.
  • Contains natural rooting hormones.
  • A pH of 5.7 to 6.5; ideal for plant growth.
  • EC not more than 1 mS/cm

Method of Preparation

Soak the Coco Peat blocks in a water trough; within minutes the block absorbs water and expands. Apply directly in field or air dry and use later as per need.




Coco Peat 5 kg block

Coco Peat 650 g bock/slab

Size, cm

30 X 30 X 10 (± 2 %)

20 X 10 X 5

Compression ratio

8 : 1

8 : 1


5 kg (± 2 %)

650 g (± 50 g)

Moisture, %



Expansion Volume  at 100 % moisture, litre




Open fields, large-scale nurseries, greenhouses.


For Potting Mix: 1 part coco peat to 2 parts soil; For seed starting, hydroponics, mushroom growing: 100 % coco peat, For Lawns, turfing, etc.: 3-10 kg per sq. m

Home / kitchen gardens, Container growing


For Potting Mix: 1 part coco peat to 2 parts soil; For seed starting, hydroponics, mushroom growing: 100 % coco peat, For Lawns, turfing, etc.: 3-10 kg per sq. m


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