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Greenfield Growing Media Plus is a light, easy to use, 100 % bio-organic, eco-friendly, free from weed seeds and pathogens, and enriched with beneficial microbes mixture of organic and natural minerals in a tried and tested proportion. It ensures 100 % germination of seeds and root cuttings; increases water holding capacity, structure and fertility of soil; reduces nitrogen volatilization losses; strengthens plant immunity, controls diseases and pests, nematodes, fungi and termites; promotes and maintains vigorous growth of plants, improves quality of produce and productivity by 30-50 %. It is a complete organic plant food for nursery, greenhouses, home gardens, kitchen gardens, roof/terrace gardens, tissue culture, hydroponics, flowers (especially roses), vegetables, fruits, plantation, potted plants, ornamental plants, container growing, mushroom cultivation, etc.


Greenfield Growing Media Plus:

  • Holds large amounts of both air and water; retains plant nutrients; resists changes in pH; conserves water; reduces water demand; non-toxic.    
  • 100 % bio-organic; enriched with beneficial microbes; high water holding capacity and plant nutrients; improves plant growth and productivity.
  • Performs the dual function of both fertilizer and pesticide; provides nutrients essential for plant growth; increases the quality of produce as well as productivity; bio-degradable; eco-friendly and excellent conditioner.
  • Naturally occurring pH neutral mineral; induces organic matter; enhances water use efficiency; provides essential plant nutrients; improves plant growth, quality of produce and production; imparts drought resistance.

Application: Mix in the top soil with the help of a spade in the following ratio:

  1. Potted / Container plants

250 gm/pot

  1. Fruit trees

500-1000 gm/tree

  1. Flower and vegetable garden

3-5 kg/m2

  1. Nursery beds

2-3 kg/m2

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