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Greenfield Soil-Less Growing Media Plus is cleaner, light, sterile, a judicious mix of organic and inorganic materials, and far superior to regular garden soil. It provides high porosity, aeration, water holding capacity and fertilizing properties; promotes better root and shoot growth, healthier plants, quality of produce and productivity; excellent for germinating seeds and root cuttings, micro-green growing, green roofs, terrace gardens, potted plants, greenhouses, nursery, floriculture, horticulture, vegetables, windowsill cultivation, container growing, hydroponics, cactus and succulents, Bonsai etc.


Soil-Less Growing Media Plus:

  • Performs the dual function of both fertilizer and pesticide
  • Provides nutrients essential for plant growth
  • Increases the quality of produce as well as productivity
  • Bio-degradable, eco-friendly and excellent conditioner
  • Renewable organic material
  • Holds large amounts of both air and water
  • Retains plant nutrients and resists changes in pH
  • 100% organic and enriched with beneficial microbes
  • Light in weight and lasts longer
  • Excellent for seed germination, root cuttings and bulbs


To be used as such; no soil or any other material is to be added.

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