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Vermiculite is a naturally occuring, clean, odorless, sterile, inert, asbestos free, non toxic and environmentally safe mineral. Processed Vermiculite is ideal for horticultural and hydroponics applications to reduce water demand, 100% seed germination, vigorous growth of plants, improves the quality of produce and productivity.


Processed perlite is free from organic impurities, diseases, weeds and insects, resistant to surface moss and algae. It is recommended for green roofs, tissue culture, hydroponics, container growing, horticulture, floriculture, interiorscapes, potting mixes, etc. to reduce water demand, superior growth, quality of produce and productivity.

Potting Soil Mix

Potting Soil mix uses superior quality organic ingredients, lighter and airer, free from pathogens and weed seeds, keep water moving from top to bottom yet contain enough organic matter to hold moisture and nutrients even through hot dry weather. Ideal for organic growers, woody plants and perennials in containers, foliage plants, etc.

Potting Soil Mix Plus

Long-lasting organic media, free from diseases and pathogens, provide physical support to plants as well as moisture, nutrients, air and thermal insulation to roots in hot, dry weather. Ideal for Organic Growing, Woody Plants and Perennials in Containers, Ornamental and Foliage Plants, Potted Plants, etc.

Perlite Potting Mix

Perlite Potting mix is a combination of minerals, major and micro nutrients, beneficial micro organisms and decomposed organic matter: a foundation for supporting plant life. Developed especially for orchids, cactus, succulents, xerophytes, desert plants, bonsai plants, bromeliads, etc. which requires air to flow freely to roots.

Perlite Potting Mix Plus

Combination of minerals, nutrients, beneficial micro-organisms, bio-pesticides, insecticides, and organic matter for supporting healthy plant life It provides water and air, retains nutrients, supports the plant and is of consistent quality. Recommended for cactus, succulents, xerophytes, desert plants, orchids, bonsai plants, bromeliads, etc.  

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