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Perlite Potting Mix is a combination of minerals, major and micro-nutrients, beneficial micro-organisms and decomposed organic matter: a foundation for supporting plant life. It provides water and air, retains nutrients, supports the plant and is of consistent quality. Greenfield Perlite Potting Mix has been developed for orchids, cactus, succulents, xerophytes, desert plants, bonsai, bromeliads, etc. which require water and air to flow freely to roots.




Greenfield Perlite Potting Mix is:

  • Rich, chemical free growing media for great root development, excellent aeration and optimal water retention for any plant’s needs.
  • Light in weight, drain well yet contain enough organic matter to hold moisture and nutrients even through hot, dry weather. 


To be used as such; no soil or any other material is to be added.


NOTE: We do not use ordinary garden soil as a Perlite Potting Mix ingredient. It is usually too heavy, and may contain weed seeds, diseases and insect pests.

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