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Perlite is an amorphous volcanic glass with pearly lustre; it exfoliates to 7-16 times its original volume and become porous when heated to 850-900oC. Exfoliated Perlite is an excellent ingredient for horticultural applications such as a soil amendment or alone as a medium for hydroponics or for starting cuttings. The colour of exfoliated Perlite ranges from snowy white to greyish white.  Exfoliated Perlite is light weight, clean, odourless, sterile, neutral pH (6.5-8.0), inert, non-toxic and environmentally safe. It is free from organic impurities, diseases, weeds, and insects, and resistant to surface moss and algae.


Exfoliated Perlite is ideal for green roofs/terrace gardening, tissue culture, hydroponics, container growing, floriculture, home and interior gardens, nursery stocks, interiorscapes, ornamental plants, horticulture, vegetables, shrubs, fruit trees, cactus, xerophytes, bonsai, seed starting, root cuttings, storing flower bulbs and tubers, potting mixes, soil-less growing mixes, landscaping, turfing industry, lawns, golf courses, etc.


This pure quality processed mineral is suitable for all types of plants and:

  • Ensures 100 % germination of seeds and root cuttings with very little watering.
  • Makes moisture, oxygen and nutrients readily available to plants; exfoliated Perlite particles create tiny air tunnels which allow moisture, oxygen and nutrients to flow freely to roots, as and when required by the plants.
  • Improves structure and texture of clayey and silt soils; prevents soil compaction and surface crusting; retains water, air and nutrients for superior plant growth; increases quality of produce, productivity and therefore profit.
  • Exfoliated Perlite absorbs 2-3 times its weight in water, as a result it reduces the cost of watering and energy spent for watering. Considering also the world efforts in conserving water makes the use of exfoliated Perlite in horticulture an ideal solution.
  • Imparts greater ability to withstand drought when water is limited.
  • Serves as an insulator to reduce extreme soil temperature fluctuations.
  • An ideal soil conditioner; exfoliated Perlite does not disintegrate through time nor it changes characteristics. Soil once conditioned with Perlite is conditioned forever.
  • Light in weight, freely flowing, easy to handle, permanent and will not rot or dissolve.
  • Light weight alternative to soil makes exfoliated Perlite perfect for rooftop gardening (gardens in the sky), patio gardening, large containers, greenhouse growing, etc.
  • Can be recycled and used again and again.
  • Requires less maintenance and optimum growth of plants.


Mix with the growing media (soil, cocopeat, etc.) in the following ratio (by volume):

  1. Potting Mixes

5-40 %

  1. Green Roofs / Hydroponics

75-100 %

  1. Seed Germination

25 %

  1. Root Cuttings

25 %

  1. Transplant Mixes

80 %

  1. Vegetable Plants

60 %

  1. House Plants

75 %

  1. Hanging Baskets

50 %

  1. Nursery Stocks

80 %


Physical and Chemical Properties of Greenfield Exfoliated Perlite

Physical Properties

Chemical Properties




70-71 %

Free Moisture, maximum

0.5 %


12-14 %

pH (of water slurry)



4-5 %

Specific Gravity



3-4 %

Bulk Density

30-150 kg/m3


1-2 %


200-400 mesh

Calcium + Magnesium

3-4 %

Solubility in water

< 1 %


< 1 %

State Modification

Over 800oC

Loss on Ignition

About 3 %

Refractive Index


Fusion Point

Over 1200oC

Specific Heat

837 J/kgK

Thermal Conductivity

(0.047 W/mC at 37oC)

0.06-0.57 W/mK (100-980oC)

R value / cm of thickness




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