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Potting Soil Mix should be easy to handle, well-drained, and contain ample organic matter and microbes, free from diseases and weed seeds, provide physical support to plants as well as sufficient moisture, air and thermal insulation. Greenfield nutritious Potting Soil Mix uses superior quality organic ingredients, lighter and airier, lasts longer, free from pathogens and weed-seeds, keep plant roots as healthy as possible, drain well, keep water moving from top to bottom yet contain enough organic matter to hold moisture and nutrients even through hot, dry weather, therefore, reducing the amount of time spent on feeding and caring for flower pots, garden containers and planting trays. Potting Soil Mix supplied by us is ideal for organic growers, woody plants and perennials in containers, ornamental and foliage plants, potted plants, etc.


Greenfield Potting Soil Mix:

  • Provides physical support to plants; supplies soluble plant nutrients including calcium, magnesium, potassium; increases water and fertilizer retention; promotes better root and shoot growth, safe for  micro-organisms.
  • Holds large amounts of both air and water; retains plant nutrients; resists changes in pH.  
  • 100 % organic; enriched with beneficial microbes; high water holding capacity and plant nutrients.


To be used as such; no soil or any other material is to be added.


NOTE: We do not use ordinary garden soil as a Potting Soil Mix ingredient. It is usually too heavy, and may contain weed seeds, diseases and insect pests.

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