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Soil Amendments

Organic Fertilizer

Chemical free, lignite and neem-based organic fertilizer developed for organic cultivation of vegetables, fruits, flowers and increases shelf life of produce. Rich in organic carbon and major, minor and micro nutrients; controls root-borne diseases and pests, eliminates nematodes and wilt attack; enhances productivity and yield by 50-60 %; free from toxic effects, health hazards and eco-friendly.

Neem  (Azadirachta Indica) Oil Cake

Neem(Azadirachta Indica) Oil Cake performs the dual function of both fertilizer and pesticide, acts as a soil 

en-richer, reduces the growth of soil pest, fungi, nematodes, termite, bacteria, etc., provide nutrients essential for plant growth, increases quality of produce and productivity, bio-degradable, eco-friendly and an excellent soil conditioner.

Neem (Azadirachta Indica) Oil

Cold pressed from the seeds of neem tree(Azadirachta Indica), Neem Oil is a bio-pesticide and bio-fungicide for organic farming; controls about 200 insect-pest species. Recommended for cereal crops, horticulture, floriculture, plantation crops, kitchen and home gardens, gardening, vegetables, fruits and forestry plantation.

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Crushed Rock Phosphate

Phosphorus is essential in building a biological soil and crucial for plants to develop healthy root systems, assimilate nutrients for good plant growth, hastens crop maturity, encourages earthworms and beneficial soil bacteria, and set flowers and fruits. Being a natural compound, Rock Phosphate is listed in organic farming, agriculture, gardening and food production.

Dolomitic Limestone Powder

Dolomitic limestone powder is an input to neutralize soil acidity, improves soil structure and maximize crop yields, animal grazing and quality of fodder. Recommended for arable crops, horticulture, pasture lands, turf grass production and gardening including lawns, vegetables, fruit orchards, shrubs, trees, mushroom cultivation, etc.

Screened Gypsum

Mechanically recovered and screened gypsum for arable and horticultural crops, grasslands, landscaping, lawns, golf courses, sports fields, etc. to improve soil structure, acid soils and soil organic matter, water intake and water use efficiency, etc. thereby making soil more productive and more fruitful.

Sodium Bentonite

pH neutral, anti-toxin, anti-bacterial bentonite clay powder for water-wise gardening, lawns, vegetables and fruit growing, pot plants, arable crops etc. to reverse soil degradation, and improve soil structure, water absorption, soluble plant nutrients, water and fertilizer retention thereby improving the soil quality, plant growth and productivity; ideal for organic food production.

Soil Conditioner

Economical and Eco-friendly alternative to chemical based fertilizers and pesticides; organic and natural ingredients; improves soil properties, water retention, drainage, aeration, root development, production and quality of produce; recommended for all Agricultural and Horticultural Crops.

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