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Organic Fertilizers come from plant, animal or mineral sources – the ingredients must naturally occur in nature. They are bio-degradable and do not cause pollution; maintain soil structure, fertility and increase soil’s nutrient and water holding capacity; increase the productivity and quality of produce; and food produced is free from harmful chemicals.

There are several organic fertilizers available in the market derived independently either from waste material from plant and animal sources, sea weeds, and seeds of several plants or from artificial sources. However, the levels of nutrients in these organic fertilizers are below that of recommended levels thus requiring additional application of inorganic fertilizers or application of large quantities of organic fertilizers to achieve the desired levels. Greenfield Organic Fertilizer is chemical free, lignite and neem based organic fertilizer developed for agriculture and horticulture crops.

Greenfield Organic Fertilizer supplies adequate levels of macro, secondary and micronutrients to plants, and:

  • It is rich in organic carbon and contains N, P, K, Ca and Mg; neutral pH and low EC (< 3 dS/m).
  • Improves soil fertility, enhances water retention characteristics, reduces irrigation intervals, stimulates microbial activity, and will not degrade or adversely affect the soil ecosystem.
  • Controls root borne diseases and pests, and eliminates nematodes and wilt attack.
  • It is free from toxic effects, health hazards and eco-friendly.
  • Enhances productivity and yield of arable crops, vegetables, fruits and flowers by 30-40 %; the shelf life of flowers (carnation, gerbera, roses, tulips, etc.) extends > 7 days.                                                                   

     Characteristics of Greenfield Organic Fertilizer





Organic Carbon, %

> 20

K, %

> 1

Neem Oil, %

< 8

Ca, %


N, %

> 2

Mg, %


P, %

> 0.7



      Application: Mix thoroughly within 20 cm top soil in the following ratio:

  1. Potted plants

250 g/pot

  1. Fruit trees

2-5 kg/tree

  1. Flower and vegetable plants

5-10 kg/m2

  1. Arable crops

5 t/ha during ploughing

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