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Soil Amendments

Wood Dust

Wood Dust can be used as soil mulch, as soil amendment by incorporating into soil and as a storage media for root crops such as carrot, radish, beetroot, turnip, ginger, turmeric, colocossia etc. for increasing their shelf life. It is ideal for mushroom growing as well as for composting. It doubles the crop production and improves the quality of produce.

Wood Dust Plus

Improves soil structure and tilth, add organic matter, form humus, increases nutrient and water holding capacity of soil and improves water drainage in heavy soils. Recommended as soil amendment for cereals, vegetables, flowers, fruits, home gardens, lawns, trees, shrubs and mushroom growing.


Vermicompost made from livestock dung and recycled with the help of earthworms into useful manure, free from weed seeds and other impurities, nutrient-rich and enriched with beneficial microbes improves physical, chemical and biological properties of soil. Ideal for arable and horticultural crops, improves the quality of produce and productivity.

Vermicompost Plus

Vermicompost Plus fortified with Neem-Oil Cake performs the dual function of both organic fertilizer and bio-pesticide. It increases water holding capacity of soil, improves soil structure and fertility and reduces nitrogen volatilization losses from the soil. Improves plant immunity and controls soil-borne pests. Suitable for all types of plants- vegetables, fruits, flowers, lawn, gardens, potted plants, etc.

Live Earthworms

We supply and deliver live earthworms variety Eisenia fetida, for enriching and improving soil for plants, and for vermicomposting. In addition, we also assist in developing site-specific vermiculture projects.

Bio Char

100 % organic soil conditioner, improves soil and plant health, prevents nutrient losses, reduces contamination, retains water, imparts drought resistance, controls fungal and soil-borne diseases and increases crop yield; ideal for organic and green cultivation, ensures bigger size and quality of produce, increases productivity of vegetables, fruits and flowers.

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