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GroChar Compost is a BioChar enriched Vermicompost developed for quicker establishment and root growth – delivering increased nutrients and microbial population for healthier, more productive plants. Greenfield GroChar Compost enhances and sustains soil physical and chemical characteristics and improves crop productivity. Reduced nitrogen loss, increased microbial activity, shorter time till maturity and significantly less odour have been observed when Greenfield GroChar Compost is used. Application of GroChar Compost enables growers to easily introduce effective natural biology into their systems and increase yields through enhanced plant vitality.

Greenfield GroChar Compost is suitable for vegetables, flowers, fruits, home/kitchen gardens, lawns, trees, shrubs, etc. and:

  • Is a 100 % organically certified product.
  • Improves soil structure.
  • Increases plant available water.
  • Increase nutrient availability to plants and microbes.
  • Improves crop yield by 17-24 %.

Application: Mix thoroughly within 15-20 cm top soil in the following ratio:

  1. Potted plants

250 gm/pot

  1. Fruit trees

2-5 kg/tree

  1. Flower and vegetable plants

5-10 kg/m2

  1. Crops

5 t/ha


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