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Greenfield Eco Solutions takes up corporate and large scale projects likeSetting-up of High-tech Plant Sapling Nurseries, Biodiversity Conservation(Rare and Endangered Herbal and Medicinal Plant Species), Plantation and Greenbelt Development, Hydro-seeding for Rapidly Vegetating the Earthen Slopes, OB Dumps/Mine Spoil Slopes and Degraded Land Surfaces;Afforestation/Reforestation, Reclamation of Mining Wastelands, Groundwater Prospecting and Targeting, Solar Pump Installation, Rainwater Harvesting, Water Auditing, Watershed Management, Environmental Compliances, etc.

1. Plantation & Green Cover Development

High-tech Plant Sapling Nursery

In order to preserve and raise awareness of biodiversity in the local regions High-tech Plant Sapling Nurseries of rare, endangered herbal and medicinal plant species were established and maintained by us at Hindustan Zinc Limited, Birla White, Water Resources Department Madhya Pradesh, JK Lakshmi Cement Limited and Vedanta-Cairn Energy during. Based on the annual requirements, of each nursery, 20,000-50,000 plant saplings were developed and planted every year along the key-roads as avenue plantation, on the campus, in the mining area and other key-areas as exhibits for visitors, employees, rural folks and stakeholders so as to conserve biodiversity in the region.


Hydro-seeding is a planting technique that uses a slurry of seeds, manure, mulch and other in-gradients including fertilizers, water and tackifying agents, etc. The slurry is transported in a tank, either truck or trailer-mounted and sprayed over prepared surfaces using a specially developed machine known as Hydroseeder. Hydro-seeding can be completed in a very short period of time. It is very effective for OB Dumps/Mine Spoil Slopes, Earthen Bunds and Embankments, Eroded Soil Surfaces, Sand Dunes, Highway and Railroad Cuts and Slopes, and other areas, which are too impractical to be conventionally seeded or planted (making Hydro-seeding the only solution), to help with slope stabilization, erosion control and rapid planting of grasses, shrubs and trees in a mix for rapidly developing a green vegetative cover. Results are quick with a high germination percentage producing a green vegetative cover (trees, shrubs and grasses) in a short time and covers the surfaces within 3-4 weeks from date of application. The surfaces are stabilized with full erosion control within a short span of time. Among other Hydroseeding projects, Greenfield Eco Solutions has developed and applied Advanced Hydro-seeding techniques on about 16 hectare eroded earthen embankments, bunds and surfaces at Kutni Feeder Reservoir and Singapur Barrage near Khajuraho, Water Resources Department Madhya Pradesh during. In another project Hydro-seeding was carried out on 35 hectare area at Hindustan Zinc Limited near Bijaynagar/Gulabpura, Ajmer/Bhilwara for quickly establishing a green vegetative cover and controlling erosion on OB Dumps and Mine spoil slopes. Further, the Company is working with Neyveli Lignite Corporation, Neyveli for rapidly greening about 500 hectare OB Dumps through Hydro-seeding since 2020. The results are highly encouraging and could be seen in the accompanying photographs.

Afforestation & Reforestation

The present status of forests is a matter of deep concern as they are gradually declining and disappearing due to mining and industrialization, grazing, erosion due to cultural and religious values, taboos and introduction of invasive species thereby causing loss of biodiversity. In view of this and due to the failure of pure legal protective measures in guaranteeing conservation, there is an urgent need not only to protect forests, but also to revive and reinvent practices of nature conservation, ecological restoration and environmental management. Since 2018 Greenfield Eco Solutions embarked on a program of developing forest-groves within the lease area of Kutni Dam, Water Resources Department Madhya Pradesh and Vedanta-Cairn Energy to ensure the survival of germplasm in a sustainable manner by their protection, conservation, multiplication and afforestation of economically important plant species. These forest-groves not only restore ecology but also improve biomass production and revive hydrological regime in the area. The forest-groves serve as an exhibit for visitors, employees, stakeholders and students, and demonstrate the contribution of corporates towards environmental conservation in the region.

Greenbelt Development

The purpose of a green belt around industrial sites is to capture fugitive emissions, attenuate the noise generated and improveaesthetics and the microclimate of the region. The green belt at the project sites forms an effective barrier between the industrial unit and its surroundings. Open spaces, where tree plantation may not be possible, needs to be covered with shrubs and grasses to prevent erosion of topsoil. Adequate attention must be paid to the plantation of trees, their maintenance and protection based on the geology, soil condition and topography of the site area. A wide range of fast-growing trees that forma thick canopy cover, perennial green in nature, of native origin and a large leaf area index are planted to serve as greenbelts. Greenbelt development is one of our regular activities and we have planted about 500 km of greenbelts since 2015.

Reclamation of Mining Wastelands

Importance of mining is second only to agriculture and it contributes significantly to the economy of a nation. The use of surface mining techniques and the often-lax environmental protection measures have made public and regulatory bodies aware of the potential negative environmental impacts of this industry. Waste dumps and pits are created, topsoil is often removed and buried under tonnes of mine spoil, surface water hydrology and chemistry changes due to acid mine drainage, groundwater supply is reduced and finally the natural plant succession is negatively affected. This land, if left unattended, would remain unusable for centuries. Greenfield Eco Solutions has developed a package for the successful reclamation of mining wastelands. Particular emphasis placed on understanding the characteristics of successful germplasm selection, characterizing the physical and chemical properties of overburden dumps and mine spoils, restoring land capability, topographic landscaping, rainwater harvesting, creating suitable rooting media, use of reclaimed surfaces for short-term cropping and long-term re-vegetation, and evaluating plant community sustainability. Since 2012 we have successfully reclaimed about 1500 hectaresof mining wastelandsof limestone mining at Birla White and Modi Group of Industries, Giral Lignite Mining RSMM, gypsum mining at Fertilizer Corporation of India, Copper mining at Hindustan Copper Limited and Zinc mining at Hindustan Zinc Limited.

2. Ground Water Prospecting

Exploration and Targeting

Exploring and locating a potential source of underground good quality water, without a technology driven approach, is a challenging task. Conventional methods rely on expensive, time consuming, pseudoscientific 'water dowsing' resulting in 72 % chances ending up drilling a dry well and wastage of financial resources. Greenfield Eco Solutions provides precision-driven, UAV and satellite-based, AI-enabled hydrological analyses for exploration, prospecting, targeting and managing groundwater resources with limited ground truth. We have achieved 90 % accuracy in alluvial and 75 % in hard-rock terrains for precise targeting of potable groundwater resources. Our technology is scalable and affordable for small and marginal farmers also.Currently we are operating in the States of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh and intend to launch pan-India operations shortly.

Solar Pump Installation

Greenfield Eco Solutions provides data-driven, satellite-based, AI-enabled energy analytics for locating, predicting, and forecasting the best sites for setting up the solar array, panels and pumps. Our technology combines satellite data and solar insolation modeling by evaluating the associations between land, water and climate to determine the best possible spots for setting up the solar pumps so as to realize 80-90 % efficiency, with saving in time by 25% and financial resources by 45-50%. As pilots we have installed solar array, panels and pumps at Water Wisdom Foundation and Vedanta-Cairn Energy and have realized 84 % energy generation and water pumping efficiency.

3. Water Management

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting (RWH) is the collection and storage of rain water, rathwing it to run off. Rainwater is collected from a roof-like surface and redirected to a tank, cistern, deep pit (well, shaft, or borehole), aquifer or a reservoir with percolation, so that it seeps down and restores the ground water. Rainwater harvesting differs from storm water harvesting as the runoff is typically collected from roofs and other surfaces for storage and subsequent reuse.  Its uses include watering gardens, livestock, in-situ for soil moisture build up, irrigation and domestic use with proper treatment. The harvested water can also be committed to longer-term storage or groundwater recharge. Rainwater harvesting and reuse is a regular activity of Greenfield Eco Solutions since its inception. A fewof our activities related to the rainwater harvesting during the last 10 years are at Water Resource Department, Khajuraho Madhya Pradesh, National Mineral Development Corporation's Diamond Mines at Panna, and Water Wisdom Foundation, Udaipur.

Water Auditing

A water audit (domestic/household),similar to an energy audit, is the method of quantifying all flow of water in a system to understand its usage, reduce losses and improve water use efficiency. It can be performed on a large scale for a city or a state as well as on a smaller scale for irrigation projects, industries and buildings. The audit can begin with an extensive approach to generate the water balance using available data and estimates which helps in identifying specific areas to concentrate in a further stage. Greenfield Eco Solutions has conducted water audits at Birla White, Hindustan Copper Limited and Hindustan Zinc Limited from 2018 onwards. The audits have resulted in checking water wastage and putting it to optimum usage.

4. Environmental Compliances

Greenfield Eco Solutions has developed a Compliance Management System (CMS) as an integrated system comprised of written documents, functions, processes, controls, and tools that help an organization comply with legal requirements and minimize harm to consumers due to violations of law. We specialize in environment audits; pollution tracking, monitoring and rehabilitation;biodiversity sustainability; environmental management planning etc.Hindustan Zinc Limited, Bira White and Vedanta-Cairn Energy are our regular customers for Environmental Compliances.

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