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Currently the Company is working on field projects on setting-up of High-tech In-house Plant Sapling Nurseries, Plantation and Greenbelt Development, Hydro-seeding for Rapidly Vegetating the Earthen Slopes, OB Dumps/Mine Spoil Slopes and Degraded Land Surfaces, Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation Systems, Water Auditing, Watershed Management, Optimum Water Use, Water Demand Management, Rainwater Harvesting, Water Conservation, Conservation of Biodiversity (Rare and Endangered Herbal and Medicinal Plant Species) etc. 

Land Reclamation

Developing landscape, gardens, forests, grasslands, fodders, crops and vegetative covers compatible with societal needs.

Greenbelt Development

Plantation, biodiversity conservation,

improving micro climate, monitoring ecological health, maintaining greenery.



Slope stabilization, turfing, rapidly vegetating the mine spoils, dumps, earthen bunds, embankments, sand dunes, etc.

Water Management

Water conservation &  runoff management, rainwater harvesting, water auditing, water use economy.




Environment audit; pollution tracking, monitoring and rehabilitation; BAP; biodiversity sustainability; EMP.


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Area-wise and Country-wise Distributors for Marketing & Sales of Organic and Eco friendly Natural fertilizers,Bio inputs, Minerals & Soil Amendment for Organic Cultivation.

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