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Carnivorous Plant Soil

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100% Organic Growing Media suitable for Butterwort, Tropical Pitcher Plant, Venus Flytrap, Cobra Lily, Sundew and Bladderwort.

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Description :

Carnivorous Plants (CP) are predatory flowering plants that kill animals in order to derive nutrition from their bodies. They eat insects, spiders, crustaceans and other small soil and water-living invertebrates, protozoa, lizards, mice, rats, and other small vertebrates. The carnivorous plants lure prey with bright colours, extra-floral nectars, guide hairs, and/or leaf extensions. Once caught and killed, the prey is digested by the CP and nutrients are absorbed from the corpse. Window sills, furniture below windows or in front of glass doors, terrariums and natural bogs in backyards make a great place to grow most of the CP. Butterwort, Tropical Pitcher Plant, Venus Flytrap, Cobra Lily, Sundew and Bladderwort do well in this type of environment. NOTE: 1.Do not add lime to the Carnivorous Plants Media and never fertilize the plant 2.Water with rainwater, distilled water, reverse osmosis water or de-ionized water; never use tap water. 3.CP may be watered using the tray method, simply put your plants, in their pots, into a deep tray and fill it with pure water. 4.Plastic or glazed ceramic pots, with holes in the bottom, are best for all CP. This growing media is:
•An excellent potting mix for majority of carnivorous plants.
•Mimics natural growing soil environment.
•Provides the best drainage and moisture retention.
•Does not contain any salt, fertilizers, and harmful chemicals and minerals.
•Essentially pH neutral (6-7).

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