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Perlite Potting Mix

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Organic Perlite Potting Mix for Cactus, Succulents, Xerophytes, Desert Plants etc.

Product code: PERPOT02

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Description :

Perlite Potting Mix is a combination of minerals, major and micro-nutrients, beneficial microorganisms and decomposed organic matter: a foundation for supporting plant life. It provides water and air, retains nutrients, supports the plant and is of consistent quality. Perlite Potting Mix has been specially developed on demand by the Customers for cactus, succulents, xerophytes, desert plants, bromeliads, etc. which require water and air to flow freely to roots. It is also ideal for seed starting, root cuttings, container gardening, planting trays, flower pots, etc.
It is:
 Rich, chemical free growing media for great root development, excellent aeration and optimal water retention for any plant's needs.
 Light in weight, drain well yet contain enough organic matter to hold moisture and nutrients even through hot, dry weather.
 Note: This product does not contain any traces of ordinary Garden Soil.

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