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70-30 Premium Coco Peat / Coir Pith & Perlite Mix for growing media for seeds, root cuttings and live flower blubs.

Product code: COIRLITE01

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CoirLite - 1 KG

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Description :

Coir Pith mixed with Perlite is an excellent growing media for seeds, root cuttings and live flower blubs. It is naturally occurring, light weight, clean, odourless, neutral pH, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and free from contaminants such as organic impurities, weed seeds, pests and insects, pathogens, and resistant to surface moss, algae, bacterial and fungal growth and root rot, and therefore ideal for garden crops. Coir Pith mixed with Perlite is ideal for green roofs/terrace gardens, tissue culture, hydroponics, container growing, floriculture, home and interior gardens, seedling nurseries, greenhouses, interiorscapes, ornamental plants, horticulture, vegetables, xerophytes, mushroom cultivation, potting mixes, soil-less growing media, etc. 
 Ensures 100 % germination of seeds, root cuttings and flower blubs with very little watering, saves on irrigation and conserves water. If added with soil it improves structure and texture of soil, prevents soil compaction, provides good aeration and drainage, and retains water, air and nutrients for a longer time.
 Enables vigorous and superior root and plant growth, increases quality of produce, productivity and therefore profit.
 Porous, light weight, freely flowing, easy to handle, reusable and will not rot.

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