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Greenfieldeco Vermicompost is made up from cow dung exclusively; free from weed seeds and other impurities.This organic fertilizer is suitable for all types of plants – vegetables, fruits, flowers, lawns, gardens, potted plants, etc.

Product code: VCO02

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Description :

Vermicomposting is a process through which organic waste such as livestock dung, kitchen and garden refuse, farm residues, forest litters, etc. is recycled with the help of earthworms into useful manure. 
This pure quality manure is suitable for all types of plants and:
· Conforms to FCO (2013) Quality Standards of Govt. of India.
· Is 100 % bio-organic and enriched with beneficial microbes.
· Improves physical, chemical and biological properties of soil.
· A store house of plant nutrients and therefore a complete plant food.
· An eco-friendly nutrient supplement for organic food production.
· Economically viable and superior quality organic fertilizer.
· An easily adoptable low cost technology for improved plant growth and crop productivity.

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